.ie is a managed top-level domain. This means that unlike .com and similar domains, every application for a .ie domain has to be validated by the central registry to ensure that it meets the rules of registration. The rules have been relaxed recently and we no longer need to know what the domain represents or why you want to register it. The rules now refer only refer to establishing the identity and eligibility of the person or organization to whome the domain will be registered.

The primary requirement is that the registrant of the domain has "a real and substantive connection with Ireland".

For all applications from individuals or organizations located in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) this requirement is automatically met. For other applicants this might mean having a branch in Ireland, being able to demonstrate trade (or intent to trade) with organizations in Ireland, having an Irish or Community trademark, or demonstrating some other strong connection - once we know the details we can advise.

Additionally, we have to determine the exact status of the registrant

This usually means producing evidence of identity of the individual or organization such as a Company Registration Number, a Registered Business Name Number, a passport, drivers license or utility bill depending on circumstances. Certain organizations like schools, state agencies, charities may be identified on official state/revenue lists, and organizations such as clubs may be able to self-certify their existence on headed paper signed by an officer.

Generally this information only has to be provided once. If you already hold a .ie domain name and want to register more .ie domains with the same details, you just need to tell us the domain you already have and we'll do the rest.

If you have any questions about a pending registration, please reply to the registration tracking ticket (keeping the ticket number in place on the subject line) and we will be happy to help.